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10 Daily Health Goals for the Best You Possible ...

By Nkiru

Need some daily health goals? Health is equivalent to wealth. We all want a more pleasant life for ourselves, right? We want to look better and feel fitter. You can achieve this by making some adjustments in your lifestyle and improve your good habits or add a new habit.

Here are some great daily health goals to get you started. Add these tips to your daily routine for an overall boost to your well being.


Water has been proven to have a lot of benefits. It aids in food digestion, boosts the body’s metabolism and gives you a better skin. Water is also helpful for controlling your weight. Have a glass of water as soon as soon you get up in the morning to boost your metabolism. Cold water is said to be better at doing this, so add some ice! Aim for nothing less than 8 glasses of water daily. Drinking enough water is one of the most important daily health goals.


There’s no substitute for a good night’s rest. Getting enough sleep at night will help you feel more relaxed and alert throughout the day. Don’t deprive yourself of your beauty sleep because getting enough sleep will help improve your appearance, Aim for 7 – 9 hours sleep at night. Consider a bedtime routine to help you get into a sleepy frame of mind.


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People often say they don’t eat breakfast, but skipping your morning meal is a bad idea. It may cause weight gain, elevated blood cholesterol levels, lead to high blood pressure, contribute to the development of diabetes and increase the risk of heart disease. Make sure you eat a good mix of protein, healthy carbs and fiber.


Today is the best day to start working out because there are several benefits to exercising. Exercise will help you lose weight and get that bikini body you’ve always wanted. It will improve the quality of your sleep and boost your energy levels. Exercise has been shown to boost happiness levels, reduce your risk of heart disease, increase your strength and flexibility, improve memory and give you more self-confidence.

5 Quit Smoking

There are several reasons to quit smoking. On a pack of cigarettes, it is usually written that “tobacco smokers are liable to die young." That should be enough health information to deter one not to smoke. Smoking can cause smelly hair, early menopause, poor vision, unhealthy teeth, lung cancer, bronchitis, persistent coughing, high cholesterol, heart disease, cervical cancer, problems with pregnancy and newborns, diabetes complications and bad skin. So quit today!

6 Eat a Balanced Meal

You are what you eat and what you put into your system has a direct impact on your health. It is important to consider eating a balanced diet each day to get all the necessary nutrients needed for healthy living. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer simple carbs, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Eat more protein and reduce sugar and soda intake. Your body will thank you for it. You also need to eat regularly. Don’t skip meals in a bid to lose weight. You can reduce portion sizes if you are trying to control your intake.


Listening to music is therapeutic. You can listen to music when you do your workouts. It helps to improve your workout output and your stamina. Music also helps with pain management. When you are going through turmoil, music will always be there for you. Music helps you cope with sad feelings, stress and even depression.


Regular health check-ups with your doctor is a wise measure in preventing health problems before they start. Your doctor can help detect problems early, which is important for prevention and treatment of illnesses. Some important checks that should be done include a regular breast and cervical exam, a check of your blood pressure and cholesterol, and a general check-up for your overall health.


The ability to relax is important in effectively managing stress and anxiety. You need to make time each day to relax, to let go and simply be at peace. You need to be able to sit down alone and allow yourself to become quiet and still. Relaxation protects your heart, boosts your memory, keeps you safe from depression, helps you make better decisions and puts you in a better mood.


Emotional health is also crucial for total body health and vitality. Maintain a positive mindset and attitude at all times. Always stay happy and do things that make you happy. Invest your time in new hobbies. Tell the truth at all times, face life openly, accept yourself as you are, accept others as they are, take responsibility for your life, let go of the past, know and accept your weaknesses, say what you mean, feel and believe. Finally, solve your problems. Taking the time to solve any issue you may have will give you better self-esteem and confidence. It will make you feel better and equip you to face new challenges.

These are 10 tips I find important for health. Tell me yours.

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