7 Things You Can do to Get Relief from a UTI until Your Antibiotic Kicks in ...


There are ways to get relief from a UTI while you are waiting for your antibiotic to kick in. Having a UTI is absolutely miserable; I should know, I have had several in my lifetime and am currently dealing with one. You don’t have to suffer while you wait, though. Try the following tips to get relief from a UTI and I believe you will feel better much faster.

1. Up Your Water Intake

Dehydration can actually be the cause of a UTI. Your urinary tract system needs an adequate amount of water to work properly. When you get a UTI, drinking more fluids can help to flush the infection out and get your urinary tract system back on track. You should aim to drink a bare minimum of 8 glasses of water a day all the time, and a little more when you have a UTI. Upping your water intake will help you to get relief from a UTI.

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