7 Ways to Get through Cold and Flu Season without Getting Sick ...


Cold and flu season is the most terrible part of the winter months. It can put a damper on all of the fun parts of the season. No one enjoys getting sick. So what can you do to avoid falling victim to cold and flu season? It turns out that there is actually a lot that you can do to avoid these common germs.

1. Take Your Flu Shot

Take Your Flu Shot

One of the best things you can do stay well during cold and flu season is to take a flu shot. A flu shot is a yearly vaccine that is designed to lower your chances of catching the flu. If you do get the flu despite taking a flu shot, you will most likely have a much milder case of it. The flu is much more serious than the common cold and can even have severe complications especially if you have a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes. If you are afraid of needles, there is also a vaccine available you can take through the form of a nasal spray.

Get Enough Sleep
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