7 Ways to Use Coconut Butter ...


It is no wonder that we are all looking for more ways to use coconut butter since its benefits far outweigh the downfalls. Coconut butter has been found to increase energy levels, fight free radicals, help with weight loss, boost our immunity, and give extra luster to hair and skin. Here are a few ways to use coconut butter that take full advantage of all the benefits it offers.

1. Sweets Cravings

One of the greatest ways to use coconut butter is to help crave sweets. Coconut butter is naturally sweet but does not have all the artificial sweeteners, calories, or high fructose corn syrup that most yummy goodies include. Next time you are craving that delicious cookie or donut, go for a spoonful of coconut butter instead. This is a sweet that comes guilt free.

Butter Substitute
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