The Secrets πŸ™Š Your Vaginal Discharge Color 🎨 is Revealing πŸ”“ about Your Health πŸ€’ ...

Vaginal discharge is one of those bodily issues we don’t like to discuss (or perhaps even think about), but it is also an important health indicator.

And because we don’t really talk about it, vaginal discharge can be confusing and even scary.

So let’s get up close and personal and learn what our vaginal discharge might be trying to tell us.

Ready to be more acquainted with your vagina?

1. Gray/Fishy Smelling

If your vaginal discharge is grayish and noticeably fishier smelling after sex then it is most likely to be a vaginal infection such as bacterial vaginosis.

This is a very common infection that occurs when your vagina’s pH balance is not quite right or there is a higher than normal level of β€˜bad bacteria’ down there.

It can also be caused by a new partner not being so clean due to unprotected sex.

BV usually goes away on its own but you can be prescribed medication by your doctor if it’s really worrying you.

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