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7 Foods and Supplements That Fight Candida Yeast Infections ...

By Heather

If you’ve ever heard of candida yeast, then perhaps you're already aware of some helpful supplements that fight candida yeast, or you might like to know a few more. If you're not familiar with candida, let me enlighten you a bit. Yeast infections affect many women, young girls, and even men, and though many types of yeasts exist in the body, the most detrimental is candida yeast. It can cause everything from vaginal itching and acne to IBS, bloating, fatigue, and sugar cravings. Each one of us have different yeast organisms that live in our bodies, along with good bacteria. Often, however, the balance between harmful yeasts and good types of bacteria becomes imbalanced through a diet high in sugar and processed food, high levels of stress, weakened immunity, or we could even have been exposed to parasites and not even know it. Whatever the case, most yeast infections can effectively be treated, and I’ve found many helpful supplements that fight candida yeast to be very effective in my own life. Some supplements can cause dreadful die off reactions as the supplements start to work, which make you feel worse before you feel better. This is simply from the harmful yeasts dying off in your system, and it's important to tough it out. You should also start taking a good quality probiotic that will help you both fight die off symptoms, replenish good bacteria, and also help fight off the yeasts further in the process. Along with probiotics, here are a few other supplements you may want to look into to fight off candida as well.

1 Oregano

OreganoWe’re all probably familiar with the delicious herb oregano, but oregano oil and capsules are also some of the best supplements to fight off candida yeast. Oregano is a natural anti-fungal and immune booster. It also aids in digestive health and cleansing the blood. Oregano has the ability to kill off harmful yeasts and toxins, and it enhances white blood cell count. This makes it an incredible supplement and food for your immunity. You can buy oregano in a tincture form where it is sold as an oil, or a capsule. Most people put just a little bit of the oil under their tongue, or take a supplement three times a day. You can also eat oregano for your health, but don’t expect it to fight off candida as well as a concentrated supplement will. If you have a cold though, it is fantastic for your immune system. Plus, it definitely makes your foods tastier!

2 Black Walnut Hull

Black Walnut HullBlack walnut hull is a plant, and not related to the nut you know as the walnut. It's actually an herbal supplement known to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Black walnut hull has incredible digestive health benefits and can help cleanse the colon of harmful toxins. I find this to be one of the most potent antifungals I’ve ever had, and you’ll notice effects right away from die off symptoms. Common die off symptoms of harmful yeasts include headaches, fatigue, minor stomach pains, and more. It does pass though, and you'll feel like a new person after a couple of days. It is sold as a tincture or supplement, just like oregano oil.


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3 Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil is another wonderful food to consume to fight off candida yeast. Coconut oil is one of the most potent anti-fungal foods on the planet, and it kills off yeast cells that kill your white blood cells. We need white blood cells for a high immune system, and yeast is one of the most detrimental toxins in our body that kill immune cells. A diet high in refined sugar and unhealthy fats feeds yeast, but coconut oil actually kills off these harmful yeasts. It also aids in cleansing the blood, and provides detoxifying powers to the liver. Consume around 3 tbsp. a day for the best effects. I recommend putting them in a low sugar smoothie made with berries, greens, and some plant-based protein powder, or you can cook steamed greens in coconut oil as well. Just be sure to buy extra virgin coconut oil for the best benefits, not refined. Coconut butter is another good substitute. You can buy it online or in stores wherever coconut oil is sold.

4 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinegarApple cider vinegar is your digestive system’s best friend and candida’s worst nightmare. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best elixirs to consume to fight off yeasts and parasites. It actually feeds good bacteria in your body, and for this it’s known as a potent prebiotic. Other types of vinegar actually feed harmful yeasts and kill off good bacteria, so always choose apple cider vinegar instead of other types. Apple cider vinegar also helps regulate blood sugar, which is important for your insulin levels and sugar cravings. You can take it before a meal, or mix it with some hot lemon water and stevia for a refreshing tea. You’ll want to be sure to buy it raw and unpasteurized so you get the best benefits. Heated and pasteurized apple cider vinegar doesn’t contain the beneficial prebiotic cultures known as “the mother,” and isn’t as powerful against fighting yeasts. Apple cider vinegar makes for a delicious tangy salad dressing too, which I highly recommend with lemon and pepper over processed dressings. I prefer the Bragg’s brand for the best quality and nutrition.

5 Biotin

BiotinBiotin is another one of my favorite supplements to fight candida yeast. Biotin is a B vitamin that most of us know helps our hair, nails, and skin to grow, but the benefits don’t stop there. Biotin is actually a wonderful nutrient that helps kill harmful yeast and breaks down fungal walls that line the digestive tract. It’s a powerful tool in helping to destroy yeast when combined with other measures. A good supplement of 5 milligrams ( also known as 5000 mcg) is one of the strongest and most beneficial types you can take. It’s also included in many anti-fungal medicines for this reason.

6 Garden of Life Candida Cleanse

Garden of Life Candida CleanseIf you want a good supplement that takes care of yeast without buying a bunch at one time, Garden of Life’s Candida Cleanse is excellent. This supplement is different than the anti-fungal supplements on the market. Instead, it contains enzymes that actually break down yeast cells in your body. These enzymes also help strengthen digestion, which always takes a hit when candida flares up. Garden of Life’s Candida Cleanse also contains Vitamin C and biotin, which kill yeast cells off while keeping the immune system in tip top shape. Anytime your body becomes overwhelmed with yeast and tries to fight it off, it can weaken your immunity. This supplement is a perfect way to fight both issues. I also like that it contains the antioxidant glutathione, which is a natural detoxifying nutrient most of us don’t get enough of through our diet. Best of all, this supplement is made from 100% raw foods and soil bound nutrients, not synthetic vitamins. In my experience, it’s been the best to fight off candida symptoms such as IBS, bloating, poor digestion, headaches, fatigue, and poor blood sugar levels.

7 Candex

CandexCandex was one of the first popular treatments found to treat candida, and it’s one of the best in my experience. Candex is comprised of the same enzymes found in the Garden of Life Candida Cleanse. The enzymes are powerful against breaking down yeast cells that build up walls in the digestive tract and prevent healing. I find it very effective and it doesn’t cause nasty die off reactions, such as headaches and stomach aches, like anti-fungals do. Candex is costly, but you only need one pill twice a day, making it worthwhile. Plus, it relieves every single symptom associated with candida, such as rash, bloating, constipation, IBS, vaginal itching, and poor digestion. In my experience, it works almost as well as Garden of Life’s Candida Cleanse.

Other helpful foods that fight candida include garlic, plain grass-fed and nonfat Greek yogurt, onion, and turmeric if you want to include those as well. If you’re not familiar with candida, or you’ve tried prescription yeast treatments that don’t work, or don’t work long enough, check out some of the resources below. Yeast infections are thought to be normal, but they’re really a sign that something in the body is out of balance, which is mostly our good bacteria levels. Sugar, refined foods, and a high carbohydrate lifestyle feed candida, so it's crucial to eliminate those before you embark on a candida cleansing supplement routine. Be sure you also take a good probiotic a couple times a day, or once per day, as well. Have you ever heard of candida yeast?


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