7 Stretches to Help You Doze off ...


7 Stretches to Help You Doze off ...
7 Stretches to Help You Doze off ...

It is nighttime and you know you should be exhausted but for some reason you cannot fall asleep. Your senses are awake, your body is tight and you are just unable to snooze. Have you tried stretching and getting in a meditative state? This can help you to rest your body and mind so you go into sleepy land. So get into Zen mode and get ready to relax yourself as you ease off into your dreams!

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In Just a Half Hour Relax Your Body and Your Mind

Exhale all the stress of your day as you follow along and reach your inner Zen. To feel peace, you must rest your mind of all the stresses of the day. Just 30 minutes of this routine can have you ready to fall asleep in no time.


Open up and Explore the Body to Prepare for a Restful Night

If you want to open up the body, alleviate stress and prepare for catching plenty of Zzzs, follow along with this stretching routine. Contract your muscles and follow along to the stretches in this video to say farewell to the tension in your body.


When You're Feeling down in the Dumps, Lift Your Spirits with This Yoga Routine

If you had a long day and are feeling down in the dumps, lift your spirits with this yoga routine. This set of stretches will set your mind free of the stress and rigors of the day. Just make sure you get focused so that you can breathe easier and sleep more soundly tonight!


Detox Your Body and Your Mind

If you want to cleanse your body, mind and heart of the stress of the day while getting in shape, perform this great workout. In just 20 minutes, you can work your body and aid digestion so you sleep soundly and just feel better. In a matter of days following this routine, you will notice improvements in your skin, breathing and energy levels. So get in the zone and get ready to detox!


Be the Goddess You Always Knew You Were

Be the goddess you always knew you were by getting into this yoga position. If you want to open up your hips, de-stress your body and take the tension away, perform the goddess pose. Follow along to ensure proper form and get ready to bid farewell to the tightness and soreness of your body. Sweet dreams and good night to you!


Relieve the Stress in Your Back

Lower back pain is something that a lot of people experience, but if you can commit to these stretches you will relieve the tension and tightness in your hips. This will help you to avoid tossing and turning as you try to doze off to sleep tonight.


Doze off with Sleepy Time Stretches

Bring your body back to ground level and relax with some sleepy time stretches. If you have been working hard all day you are surely mentally and physically exhausted, so follow these stretches to help send you off to sleep. Follow along and have a restful night!

With all these great sleepy time stretches, where will you begin? Whatever you decide, I do hope you sleep soundly and have sweet dreams.

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Hahahah Megan that would be telling. To be honest it sounded nice but I will let you in on one secret peonies are my favourite flowers!

I have a bit of insomnia when the sun sets, more of a "night owl," than an "early bird." So, I tried the 1st series and had much needed R.E.M. sleep at night, with blissful dreams. I will go on to try the other 1's too. Also, if you keep supple, you will NOT lose your flexibility. I've also noticed less back pain & an improvement in my posture-so I endorse these videos.

I do a lot of yoga so I agree totally.

Peony Blue: Did you choose your screen name because peonies are your favorite flowers & your true eye color is blue? Or did you choose peony because it is associated with the god Apollo, physician of the gods? Just curious.

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