7 Tricks to Relieving Anxiety That Work like a Charm ...


Relieving anxiety is a worthy and reachable goal, particularly in this fast-paced world. It may seem like anxiety is so familiar, it's a member of your house. But rest assured, follow these steps to relieving anxiety, and you'll be on your way to a great night's sleep. Your anxiety is just a renter, whose lease is up!

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It may seem very basic, but how you breathe affects your entire life. When you are anxious, your breathing may become shorter or more shallow. This can cause you to become more anxious instead of less. When you feel anxious, take a moment and concentrate on your breathing. Have nice, steady, breaths and make sure you are breathing from your diaphragm and not just from your chest. When you have your breathing under control it will help you not to escalate the anxiety that you are feeling, and may help to calm you, relieving anxiety along the way.



Sometimes you can become anxious for reasons that we can't explain. That's okay, you just need to acknowledge it and move on. If you feel yourself starting to escalate into anxiety, do something that you know will normally calm you. If you start to get worried and you don't know why, put on the movie that always makes you relax, hop in your car and drive down the road that always makes you feel more at ease, or start a project which will take your mind off of the anxiety. Sometimes when you have anxiety that you don't know what to do with, the answer is to do nothing with it and do something else.


Make a List

When anxiety makes you feel like nothing is right in your life and nothing ever will be, make a list of everything in your life that you like or love. Regardless of whether your list is 2 items or 200 items, this will outweigh the anxiety that has no place in your life. Keep the lists, and every time you feel anxious, make another list. Put these lists and a special place that you can visit whenever you feel scared, hopeless, anxious, or like you just need a literal hug.


Call a Friend

We all have that friend who is a wonderful talker. Just make sure you are calling the friend who has a positive outlook. Sometimes even more than talking, listening to the tone of your wonderful friend's voice reminds you that there is someone in the world who wants to spend time talking with you. That they have positive things to say is enough to get to over the anxiety. You will return the favor someday, rest assured. That's what friendship is all about!


New Hobby

There is something about a new hobby that can invigorate you, and give you something to look forward to. If you are feeling anxious, spend time with that new hobby to get you through the rough patch. Have you just taken up watercolors? Birdwatching? For cooking? When you feel anxious, go visit your new hobby. Taking your mind off of your anxiety and putting it into something positive can only have a positive effect on you.


A New Friend

Sometimes, the best way to get through nagging anxiety is to talk to a professional. Think of this the way you think of going to get a teeth cleaning, or your yearly physical. Talking with the counselor is just a way to keep your mental health running smoothly. There's nothing wrong with that. Think of how wonderful it is to have an objective person that you can say anything too, without any repercussions on your personal life. Just as you would do with your physician, dentist, or even mechanic, do your research, and find a good fit.


Endorphin Power!

Sometimes, the best way to get over anxiety is to get the endorphins flowing. Do you like yoga, walking, or biking? Maybe you're all about dancing in your living room or mowing the lawn. Whatever gets those endorphins running through your veins, consider using this as a way to help beat anxiety.

Anxiety can be a challenging thing to work through. Using some of these steps can help you get on the path of overcoming anxiety's hold on you, and seeing the world in a new brighter light. What do you like to do when you are anxious?

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For me eating a vegetarian diet without any processed food and exercising has helped my anxiety immensely!!

I totally agree with Taylor! I'm raw/vegan and eating living kind foods raises your vibration. Feels like bliss!! I had PTSD big time and remember feeling better after eating an orange. A simple orange changed my energy!

You forgot exercise and sex

Oh and MOTHER NATURE. Walk barefoot. You will feel the peace.

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