10 Healthy Ways for Teens to Relax ...


Teen angst may sound a bit of a joke amongst adults, but it’s no fun if you’re the teenager. It is important that teens have healthy ways to relax. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you don’t find healthy ways to relax, you are either overwhelmed by your strife and worries making you surly, unproductive, and unhappy or, you turn to not so healthy ways to reduce stress. Fear not teenagers, check out these healthy ways to relax.

1. Have a Chat

A problem shared is a problem halved so they say, and they’re right. By discussing your problems with a friend, it can help reduce feelings of anxiety and help you find a solution to gain an overall positive outcome. If you don’t want to talk to a friend, then why not try talking to a relative, teacher, work colleague, or someone you feel you can confide in. Talking openly to somebody you trust is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Have a Laugh
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