10 Ways to Be Happier in the New Year ...


Across the world, people are making New Year's resolutions, most of them about losing weight. But while obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight are important, perhaps even more important are resolutions that will help you figure out How to Be Happier. If you've made, and so far stuck to, your other resolutions, maybe it's time to consider some that will help you be happy, and I can help. Here are 10 ways to be happier in the New Year.

1. Find Something You Love about Yourself

While most of us have no problem identifying the things we hate about ourselves, the things we want to change, so many of us could be happier if we learned to also acknowledge the things that make us wonderful. It's time to resolve to look for, and admit, the things we love about ourselves.

Make a Resolution to Change What You Don't
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