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7 Wise Ways to Help Sleep Problems ...

Many of us would like to sleep better; it can be a serious problem that leaves us exhausted and unable to function at our best. There are several ways to help sleep problems, as they are often caused by external problems or our own anxieties. So try these tips if you want (and need) to sleep better …

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1. Earplugs

Earplugs are one of the easiest ways to help sleep problems, if it is external noise that is keeping you awake. If you live on a busy street, or have flatmates that keep different hours, earplugs will block out a lot of the sound and allow you to sleep more soundly.

2. Separate Rooms

Most people, if they were honest, would probably prefer to sleep in a separate room from their partner. This is not because there is anything wrong with the relationship. However, it can be very hard to sleep if your partner snores or is restless, so separate rooms give you the chance to get a good nightΒ΄s sleep.

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3. Suitable Bed

If you are having sleep problems, it may be your bed that is causing the problem. The mattress may be too soft, hard or simply need replacing through age. Choose one that is comfortable and supportive – and get the biggest one you have room for.

4. Limit Naps

Are you prone to falling asleep during the day? ItΒ΄s easy to get into a pattern where you nap because you are not sleeping well at night, so you doze during the day, then you are not tired at night … Try to avoid naps if this is a problem, or limit them to very short times.

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5. Switch off

Often it is hard for us to sleep because our minds remain active when we have gone to bed. We stay awake thinking about all kinds of things. You will sleep better if you put aside what has happened during the day, what you have to do tomorrow etc. Relax and clear your mind, and it will be much easier to fall asleep.

6. Environment

In order to allow us to sleep better, our environment must be suitable. IΒ΄ve already mentioned dealing with noise, but the temperature of the room may also need adjusting if it is too hot or cold. Keep pets out if they disturb you, and consider moving your bedroom away from the street if you can.

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7. Deal with Problems

IΒ΄ve mentioned above that we need to clear our minds in order to sleep. Mostly in order to do so, we have to put everything aside for the night. Sometimes, though, it is helpful to deal with problems before you go to bed, so that they donΒ΄t keep you awake. If you canΒ΄t solve them before bed, then theyΒ΄ll have to be left until the next day – donΒ΄t fret about them, as you wonΒ΄t solve them by staying awake!

Missing out on sleep is no fun, but there are plenty of ways to solve sleep problems. If you have persistent trouble sleeping, and nothing you try helps, then see your doctor. There are lots of things that we can do to help ourselves in most cases. What helps you to sleep better?

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