Chill out with These Lesser Known Meditation Tips ...

There are plenty of gurus out there with tips for meditation. But have you tried meditating multiple times and still can’t seem to get into the zone? Meditation isn’t just for Buddhist monks or hippies—it’s becomes a mainstream part of our culture and spirituality. Studies show that people who meditate tend to be more productive, manage their stress levels better, and overall are happier. Check out this list of lesser known tips for meditation:

1. You Can Keep Your Eyes Open or Closed

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One of the best tips for meditation is about having the option to keep your eyes open OR closed. So many of us think of meditation as sitting cross-legged on the floor with our eyes closed and chanting “ohm.” While this is definitely a way you can meditate, it doesn’t have to be this way. Meditating with your eyes open and creating a focal point is also an effective meditation strategy. Try gazing out your window or looking at the sky next time you meditate.

2. You Don’t Have to Meditate for Too Long

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I’ve heard stories about Asian monks that can meditate for up to eight hours a day! While I admire this type of meditation, it takes incredible diligence (not to mention time) to meditate this way. Remember that meditation doesn’t have to be for that long. 5, 10, or 15 minutes is more than plenty of time to tune out and reduce your stress/anxiety levels.

3. It’s Okay if Your Mind Wanders

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Don’t think that you’re not meditating properly if your mind wanders during your meditation. The whole game of meditation is learning how to refocus yourself over and over again. Practice meditation enough, and you’ll notice this behavior of refocusing will overflow into other facets of your life. No longer will you get caught up in the stress of a work project. Instead, you’ll be able to cut through the clutter in your mind and figure out what’s really important to you in that moment.

4. You Can Meditate at Any Time of Day

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Some people swear by meditating first thing in the morning; others prefer to meditate at night. But if you’re new to meditation, practicing at any time of day can be good for you. Go to your car on your lunch hour and meditate in private if that makes you feel better and more energized. Meditation isn’t about the time of day, but rather the conscious process of clearing your mind—and that can be done anytime, anywhere.

5. It Helps to Create a Meditation Mini-Sanctuary

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Creating a meditation mini-sanctuary can do wonders for your meditation. Get into a habit of lighting a candle or some incense to start your meditation. A mini-sanctuary can be a place for you to get inspiration, clear your head, or seek guidance from your higher power. Do whatever works for you!

6. Learning Meditation Can Take Months or Years of Practice

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If you don’t get the hang of meditation on your first try, welcome to the club. Meditation can take months or years of practice. Even the most devout meditators ironically say that ‘we are all beginners.’ Meditation isn’t about achieving some level of clarity, but rather the personal and spiritual journey you experience.

7. You Don’t Need to Sit on the Ground to Meditate

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For some people, meditating in a cross-legged, seated position is too hard on their knees or back. The point of meditation is be in a position that’s comfortable. Whether you sit in a chair or even stand, these are all suitable meditation positions.

Meditation is definitely a hot topic these days. Do you meditate? If so, what are some of your tips for those who are new to meditating?

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