9 Reasons Coconut Water Should Be Your Drink of Choice ...


If there’s one food that can be described as being truly magical, it has to be coconut. Just how many uses has it got? Its outer casing can be used for all sorts of things, its flesh is fabulous to eat, the oil is simply magnificent and the juice – i.e. coconut water, really should be on your list of beverages that are officially good for you. Now becoming more easy to get hold of (don’t buy coconut milk – that’s a different thing altogether) here are the reasons to drink coconut water:

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Prevent Dehydration

Obvious right? It's water after all. What you may not know is that it contains essential electrolytes and is completely sterile as well. It also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium, so is one perfect choice for rehydration. It's a great choice of drink after you've completed a strenuous workout session.


Improve Cognitive Functioning:

Thanks to 295mg of potassium in one cup of coconut water, it works amazingly well to fuel your muscles. It also contains electrolytes that facilitate your nervous system and improve nerve transmission as well. This in turn improves your cognitive functioning.


Reduce Effects of Aging:

Many experts call coconut water "the secret fountain of youth", and it definitely lives up to the expectations. It contains "cytokinins", which are more of like plant hormones that help it grow, but these hormones are supposed to have anti-aging effects in humans. They help prevent your cells from degenerative changes. This cell regulation process may also help reduce the risk of cancer.


Improve Cardiovascular Health

The presence of potassium in coconut water makes it a great beverage for your heart. Drink more of it and you will reduce your risks of heart attacks. It even helps lower blood pressure. It is a diuretic and can do a world of good to your kidneys. Its regular consumption may reduce the size of kidney stones and eventually help get rid of those nasty stones.


Boost Digestive Function

This foundation of youth can be a great digestive tonic as well, thanks to its bioactive enzymes. You may consider drinking coconut water to prevent dogestive ailments, such as dysentery, stomach flu, parasites, and constipation.


Help Fight Free Radicals

Giving your body the power to fight free radicals will ensure that you lessen the risk you might have to grapple with serious diseases like cancer. Coconut water will help you do just that. It is loaded with vitamin B, minerals, and several trace elements, such as selenium, sulfur, and iodine, so it really strengthens your defense against free radicals.


Improve Immune Function

One of many reasons to drink coconut water is that it contains lauric acid, which has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. Many experts believe that drinking coconut water may also help treat fungal infections, candida albicans, herpes, and hepatitis C.


Help You Lose Weight

While it is true that it contains sugar, it's almost the fifth of what you find in other fruit juices. It's pleasantly sweet with a caloric value that's rather low – you will get only 46 calories in a cup full of coconut water. Just be sure to keep in mind that some coconut-based drinks may contain more sugar, so don't forget to read the label.


Improve Blood Circulation

Drink coconut water and improve your blood circulation. It strengthens your heart, reduces blood pressure and keeps the levels of bad cholesterol low. Since it improves your blood circulation and has little sugar, it is quite useful for diabetics. For people with diabetes, drinking coconut water will prevent certain complications such as loss of vision and foot numbness.

Can you see any reason why coconut water should not take pride of place in your grocery cart?

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When I stay with family in Jamaica we have one freshly cut from the back yard they slice the top off and drink the juice straight from the coconut and then eat the flesh inside. I don't particularly like the fleshy part inside but love the juice particularly as a thirst quencher on a really hot afternoon!

@Ceecee, I'd love to try fresh coconut water, right from the source...how cool to walk out in the backyard and grab a coconut and be able to drink its water, I'm a teeny bit envious but I'm happy that you're able to experience this and guessing much more

I Love coconut water I've been drinking it since I was little

I like it better than plain water...

Did not know all of this! Love it ever more now :p

I absolutely love coconut water!

I love coconut water.

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