7 Simple Ways to Avoid a Cold This Winter ...

As someone who rarely suffers from a cold (and is clearly tempting fate by saying so) I wanted to share some simple ways to avoid a cold this winter. Colds are annoying things that can debilitate and cause stress. If you have children or work with them, you may also find yourself succumbing to the common cold more often that you'd like. Children can be carriers and it's easier to pick up viruses from the little cherubs, but teaching them some of these ways to avoid a cold can also help keep the spread to a minimum.

1. Rest

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Rest is important for your immunity. One of the ways to avoid a cold is to ensure you get plenty of rest and sleep so that your body has a chance to recuperate. Being tired all the time will mean you're more susceptible to viruses and bugs, as your immune system will be weaker. But who needs an excuse to get a good nights' sleep! Remember, there are also times when your immunity may suffer and you may be more vulnerable as a consequence, such as during your menstrual cycle or when you're under stress. So it's important to look after yourself.

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