Period Hacks to save You during That Time of the Month ...

By Heather

Period Hacks  to save You  during That Time  of the Month ...

I hate being a girl sometimes, especially when it comes to that time of month. If you are anything like me, you get really bad cramps. That caused me to look up some period hacks to help me with my cramps. So girls, take a look below and I can promise that, that time of month will be so, so much better!

1 Understanding 'the Cycle'

Whoa. I had no idea!

2 These Totally Help

Cure your cramps!

3 Cramps?

This totally makes sense!

4 PMS?

This will help prime you for the horrible, dreaded PMS.

5 In Case You Want to Try Something Different

Have you ever used a DivaCup?


A smoothie! Who knew!

7 For All the Tampon/cup Users

Pad all the way for me.

8 If You Are Brave …

I haven't tried this … and don't know if I could.

9 Lots of Food That Fights PMS


10 Period Stains?

It happens.

11 Ultimate Survival Guide

From the moves to your skin, this is perfect!

12 Know Your Symptoms

I had no idea.

13 Your Period and Sleep

No wonder I have messed up sleep when on my period.

14 Don't Know Your Body While You Are on Your Period?

Now you do!

15 Press Away Your PMS

I've so tried this, it works!

16 Tampons Vs. Cups

Which one are you going to use?

17 Cup 101

In case you decide to use it.

18 Get Rid of Your Cramps Easily

Heat. Lots and lots of heat.

19 Yoga to Get Rid of Cramps

I've never tried it but it looks like it would work!

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