7 Best Toothpastes You've Got to Start Using ...


It's not enough to have a fantastic toothbrush, you have to use the very best toothpastes too. Of course, toothpaste is an intensely personal choice – and I mean that honestly! Some people need whitening products, others need toothpaste that battles sensitivity and cleans without causing pain. If you're tired of traditional options like Crest and Colgate and want to find something that leaves your teeth and mouth clean, germ free, and sparkling, check out some of the best toothpastes available on the market. No matter what the cost, they're well worth it -- your oral health and hygiene affect your overall health, plus anything that keeps you from those expensive fillings and root canals is a smart investment, right?

1. Dr Don's Antioxidant Tooth Powder

Dr Don's Antioxidant Tooth Powder

The best toothpastes work to kill germs and bacteria, which means they also banish bad breath. If you're a little wary of your breath, whether you've been diagnosed with halitosis or simply worry that your breath could be a little better, try Dr Don's Antioxidant Tooth Powder, which is available at TeraGanix for just $7.99. In addition to cleaning your teeth, it actually balances out the pH levels in your saliva, effectively dealing with alkaline and making your breath smell better. The powders tastes of vanilla and berries as well, so yum!

Dabur Red Toothpaste
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