8 Natural Allergy Remedies That Really Work ...


I’ve spent the last few days frantically looking up natural allergy remedies.

It seems that conventional medications are doing nothing to lessen my sneezes, and as the pollen count rises, it’s getting harder and harder to have a conversation between allergy attacks!

Whether it’s nature, your pets or dust mites that set you off, there is nothing more miserable than suffering without any relief.

Here’s the top natural allergy remedies that really work – give them a try, you’ll be surprised!

1. Saline Nasal Rinse…

This is a bit of an odd one, but it really works.

Simply, the plan is to wash out your sinuses, removing allergens and irritants.3

Less allergens = less sneezes.

You’ll need a Netipot, or a large squeeze bottle, and some saline solution (you can get it in most drug stores).

Once you’ve mixed it up, it’s time to get going.

Fill the squeeze bottle with 8oz of saline solution, and tilt your head forward over the sink.2

Then pant like a puppy while squirting the solution up one nostril, allowing it to fall out of the other.

If you are panting properly, you’ll close the nose to avoid any uncomfortable feelings, and washing your nostrils will be easy.

But yes, this is probably one of those natural allergy remedies that you should do while on your own!

Cool Humidifier…
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