8 Uses for Coconut Oil You Won't Believe ...


One of the biggest oils that is very 'in' right now and very talked about is coconut oil – but do you know all of the uses for coconut oil out there? I love coconut oil for my hair, my face and for all of my skin, but there are other uses for coconut oil that you might not know about! Take a look at my top 8 uses for coconut oil that you won't believe at all! Where do you get coconut oil? The grocery store, super easy to find down the baking aisle!

1. Lighten Age Spots

One of the biggest uses for coconut oil that a lot of people don't know about is that it can actually lighten up any age spots that you have on your body! Just a little dab on the spot, rub it in and let it sit! You can also use it overnight if you really want to see results! It takes about a week or two to see any results, so give it time!

Prevents Stretch Marks
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