8 Uses for Witch Hazel ...


Did you know that there are many different really helpful uses of witch hazel? So many things that we think we have to buy a separate product for, when really, we can get away with using a dab of witch hazel! I’ve been using this miraculous product for years, and it hasn’t let me down yet. Keep on reading if you want to know 8 fabulous uses of witch hazel!

1. Breakouts

The very first time I ever discovered one of my favorite uses of witch hazel, I was 14 and in tears over a bad breakout. My mom told me to use witch hazel as a toner, and within days my breakout was cleared up and gone! To this day, I still use witch hazel as a blemish controller. It’s perfect for getting rid of acne fast without over drying the skin!

Sunburn Relief
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