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Perfect πŸ‘Œ Ways to Deal with πŸ™ Belly Bloat 🀒 ...

Looking for ways to deal with belly bloat? Can’t button your jeans? Frustrating, since yesterday it was no problem. Trying to find a loose blouse so that muffin top doesn’t show? Do you feel like you have gained five pounds and you have stayed away from all carbs and sweets? Don’t worry, it’s probably just belly bloat. Belly bloat is, unfortunately, a very common condition for women. The following factors lend to belly bloat:

Β· Stress
Β· Hormonal Changes
Β· Eating too much salt or sugar

Here are some ways to deal with belly bloat.

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1. Drink More Fluids

If your body is in emergency mode because it’s low on water or fluids, it will retain the fluids already in your system. Drink more fluids so your body releases fluids quicker. Having a glass or two of water is one of the best ways to deal with belly bloat.

2. Increase Your Potassium and Magnesium Intake

Eat a banana. Snack on some walnuts. Dip the banana slices in peanut butter. Potassium triggers the release of sodium. And magnesium helps to store potassium, both of which fight belly bloat.

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3. If You Are on Birth Control, Find out if It Can Help Prevent Pre-menstrual Bloat

Drosperinone is a unique form of progesterone that acts like a diuretic.

4. Bloating is Due to Constipation

Take a mild over-the-counter stool softener such as Senikot.

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5. If Bloating is Rare for You, Make a Doctor's Appointment

It is important to make sure this is not a sign of something more serious. Always pay attention to what your body is telling you.

6. Just Walk It off

Dance to the music. Put on your running shoes. Move your body and it will move those excess fluids. Movement to the point of sweating will help get rid of those excess fluids more quickly.

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