8 Ways to Feel Better during Your Period ...


Feel Better During Your Period and you won't dread it nearly as much every month. Think about it -- I know how I always feel. Ugh, that dreaded time of the month. Your period can be a horrific time for your body and mind but there are simple ways for feeling better during your period and make that dreaded visit from Aunt Flo much easier. Here are several period remedies that can significantly ease your discomfort.

1. Take a Bath

Donโ€™t worry about parting the Red Sea, focus on feeling better during your period and pamper yourself with a relaxing bath.

Soaking in a warm bath evokes feelings of relaxation and can help ease those darned cramps.

To maximize the experience, throw in a bath bomb or pour some scented body wash in the water.

2. Pop a Pill

Sometimes menstrual cramps and/or back pain can be so severe that we need a pain killer to help us get through the day.2

Cut yourself some slack and take ibuprofen or acetaminophen or an OTC medication specially made for the effects of menstruation.

Some studies show that ibuprofen is more effective in fighting cramps, but choose what works best for you.

3. Warm It up

Another way to feel better during your period and ease those pesky cramps or aches is to use a hot water bottle or heated blanket to ease muscle spasms.

Sipping tea will also help you keep warm and chamomile tea is known to help alleviate cramps.

4. Ease Effects by Eating

I know youโ€™re craving all sorts of sinfully delicious things but going the natural and healthy route will help you when it comes to feeling better during your period.

Focus on fresh fruits, veggies and whole grain and avoid caffeine, excess sugar and salt.

Junk food might sound good, but who wants to retain more water and eat empty calories on top of already feeling cruddy?

Get Comfy
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