17 Best Infographics to Help You Reduce Your Stress Levels ...


17 Best Infographics to Help You Reduce Your Stress Levels ...
17 Best Infographics to Help You Reduce Your Stress Levels ...

Stress is a killer, literally but there are some ways to live more and stress less and these infographics about stress will help you on your way to a happier and healthier life. A little stress is good but a lot can lead to all sorts of health problems. Have a look at these infographics about stress to help ease the strain.

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Real Reasons

text,advertising,poster,font,brand, One of the first infographics about stress is this one which gives the effects of stress. In case you didn't know what effects excessive stress can have on the body and mind, have a look at this infographic.
Source: mindbodygreen.com


Ways to Stress Less

text,ecosystem,biology,diagram,brand, If you're looking for some ways to stress less then have a look at this infographic for some simple hints and tips.
Source: visualistan.com


Positive Thinking

text,font,biology,advertising,art, A positive thinker is rarely a stress-head. The two just don't go together! Think positively and your body and mind will reap the benefits.
Source: finerminds.com



text,diagram,brand,advertising,illustration, Meditation has been proven to have many benefits on the mind. Don't just take my word for it. Have a look at this infographic and try it for yourself!
Source: wholesomeone.com



text,advertising,font,SMILE,BECAUSE., Smile more. It really can help change your outlook on life and the way in which people act towards you.
Source: youbeauty.com



Greatist,ecosystem,cartoon,biology,organism, Laughter really is the best medicine, which is why there are laughter classes and clubs popping up all over the place. It is a wonderful stress reliever too.
Source: bittopper.com


Law of Attraction

text,biology,line,document,THE, Ask, believe, receive. It's that simple. Well, kind of. Use the law of attraction in your life and trust in the universe to give you all you need.
Source: alphaalchemy.com


Try a Little Mindfulness

biology,advertising,MINDFULNESS,WHAT,MINDFULNESS, Mindfulness is certainly the way forward in life and if you would like to lead a more serene existence, try a little mindfulness in your life.
Source: themamabird.tumblr.com


Marvelous Mornings

line,drawing,THIS,DON'T,THAT, If you want to know ways to reclaim your morning then have a look at this infographic. Mornings matter and when they don't go to plan, they can destroy the rest of the day. Start your day off the right way and everything else can seamlessly fall into place!
Source: entrepreneur.com


Finals Stress

Sea,ecosystem,web page,line,brand, Don't freak over finals. Instead, look at the many ways you can reduce your stress levels during this difficult time.
Source: visual.ly


Herbal Remedies

, No, I'm not talking about THAT kind of herbal remedy. Here are some herbal remedies that your mother won't ground you for using and that have some great stress relieving benefits!
Source: mindbodygreen.com



, We do it every minute of every day but we don't pay it much attention. Concentrating on breathing can have profound benefits.
Source: huffingtonpost.com



text,font,diagram,brand,line, Yoga is another exercise which can reduce stress. These restorative poses have wonderful stress reducing benefits.
Source: greatist.com



Espresso Room,advertising,poster,brand,illustration, Acupressure is also something which is said to help a number of ailments, including stress and anxiety.
Source: visual.ly


Self Massage

dish,fast food,advertising,SHIATSU,SELF, In the absence of a partner to massage you or if you're low on cash and can't afford a trip to the spa, how about a little self massage to ease the stress?
Source: palscience.com



font,advertising,poster,diagram,screenshot, Stress leads to lack of sleep and lack of sleep leads to stress: it really is a viscous circle.
Source: flickr.com



font,advertising,brand,menu,Retiere, Here are some of the best foods for stress relief.
Source: foodista.com

We can become stressed at various points in our lives but it's how we manage it that counts. Which infographic do you think is most helpful?

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