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These 21 Infographics Can Help You Live Longer ...

By Jennifer

Who doesn't want to live a longer, healthier, happier life? I know I do (thank you, Hemsworth Brothers, Magic Mike, and Ben & Jerry's for the motivation). To that end - the living longer bit - I've compiled a load of infographics with sure-fire ways to live a little longer, so we can enjoy all the wonder, joy, and new adventures - and new Magic Mike movies - life has to offer.

(Note: to see an image full-size, give it a tap.)

Table of contents:

  1. 22 ways
  2. Live longer & happier
  3. The scenic route
  4. These foods
  5. Men:get married!
  6. How to live forever
  7. Our animal friends
  8. The power of smiling
  9. The secrets to living longer
  10. How to live forever
  11. Who's helping?
  12. I'm not even sure what m2m means?
  13. Make friends!
  14. Who wants to live forever?
  15. Don't work so much!
  16. It's 90% lifestyle!
  17. 10 rules for a longer life
  18. Does height matter?
  19. Pretty... and true!
  20. Science says so!
  21. Quit... or never start!

1 22 Ways

2 Live Longer & Happier

3 The Scenic Route

4 These Foods

5 Men:Get Married!

6 How to Live Forever

7 Our Animal Friends

8 The Power of Smiling

9 The Secrets to Living Longer

10 How to Live Forever

11 Who's Helping?

12 I'm Not Even Sure What M2M Means?

13 Make Friends!

14 Who Wants to Live Forever?

15 Don't Work so Much!

16 It's 90% Lifestyle!

17 10 Rules for a Longer Life

18 Does Height Matter?

19 Pretty... and True!

20 Science Says so!

21 Quit... or Never Start!

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