8 Easy and Effective Ways to Banish Bad Breath ...


If youโ€™re looking for simple ways to banish bad breath, have I got some helpful info for you! We all know that having bad breath is just, well, bad. So why suffer?! Whether you want to use these tips for yourself or want to discreetly pass the information on to someone else, youโ€™ll find eight easy ways to banish bad breath so you and your friends can breathe easier!

1. Salt Water Rinse

This is an easy way to banish bad breath while helping to soothe any inflamed gums and to prevent gingivitis. Salt water helps restrict the growth of bacteria and conserves them because it absorbs water molecules. Bacteria are unable to thrive without moisture, so rinsing your mouth out with salt water is a quick and easy bad breath remedy! Mix some salt with 8 ounces of lukewarm water and swish in your mouth for about 10 seconds.

Eat Apples
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