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When you think about getting a massage, one of the primary effects that you consider is the amazing relaxation that the process can bring you.

But there are also plenty of health benefits of massage. A lot of this relaxation and stress relief comes from the quiet, comfortable feeling of a massage, but let’s not forget that not only does a massage help your mind, it can also do wonders to help your overall health!

Getting regular massages can help your body in lots of different ways, here are just five of the many health benefits of massage.2

1. Released Shoulder Knots

One of the best health benefits of massage is how it helps you relax and achieve a healthier body.

The majority of hard working people tend to carry a lot of their stress and tension in their shoulder areas, and this can lead to your muscles forming painful knots.

A regular massage session does wonders to work out these knots and keep your shoulder area free from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Getting the knots massaged out of your shoulders can also lead to much better overall posture.

Pain Relief
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