7 Health Benefits of Onions That You Should Know ...


Are you aware of the amazing health benefits of onions? Onions are a miracle vegetable that can help aid in preventing cancer, better your heart, improve or prevent illness and they have a host of other functionality. You do not even have to eat a large amount of onions but they should be in your daily meal plan because of all the benefits. According to a UK study, onions are the second most important crop after tomatoes because of their benefits. So do you eat onions each day? Here are the health benefits of onions so that if you do not eat onions, you may start.

1. Have a Healthy Heart

Studies show that having just half of a raw white or yellow onion a day is usually enough to dramatically raise HDL cholesterol an average of 30% in about three out of four patients with heart problems. So make sure you add a half an onion to your salad or meals for preventative health. Having a healthier heart is one of the major health benefits of onions!

Onions Also Contain Phytochemicals
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