7 Important Nutrients for Your Gut Health ...


Keeping your digestive tract in good shape is so important on many levels, and there are some nutrients for gut health that can either make or break your success.

Why are these nutrients for gut health important?

To start out, they keep your digestive system regular, which is important for removing waste, they make foods easier to digest, they prevent harmful bacteria from taking over, and they feed healthy bacteria in your body.2

They also ensure your digestive system is absorbing the nutrients from the foods you eat.

So, what are these terrific nutrients for gut health?

Check them out below, and let me know if you take any of them yourself!

1. B-12

This is a commonly known vitamin among many, but many aren’t aware that it’s one of the absolute most important nutrients for your gut health you can consume.

Vitamin B-12 is actually a soil-derived bacteria that your body needs for energy, optimal digestion, brain-health, and preventing many common health disorders.

If you’re vegan, a supplement is necessary, unless you eat foods like nutritional yeast on a regular basis.

B-12 can help regulate your system, along with increase your mood and sense of well-being.

Be sure to take a sub-lingual supplement if you buy B-12 in supplement form, since it’s the most readily available way for your body to absorb it.

2. Probiotics

Most of you also probably know that probiotics are popular and important for gut health maintenance.2

You’re only as healthy as your gut, and that’s no joke!

Did you know your gut has more cultures of bacteria than cells in your body?

It’s a fact many people don’t know, yet it affects everything from food cravings to weight gain, poor digestion, and even depression.

Probiotics help keep the good guys in (good bacteria), and the bad guys out (such as pathogens and even parasites), so you stay healthy, and happy.

When gut bacteria is imbalanced with an overabundance of bad bacteria, your immune system is weakened, you suffer digestive problems, and you also get depressed.2

Serotonin, the happy hormone, is made directly in the gut, or at least 95% of it is.

Without enough healthy bacteria, it’s impossible for enough serotonin to be produced.

Birth control pills, antibiotics, and even household chemical cleaners can prevent your body from producing its own healthy bacteria, so a supplement is necessary for most people today.

Take one with at least 5 billion cultures or higher for the best varieties, and be smart about what brands you choose.

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