Super- Effective Home Remedies πŸ’Š Direct from Your Spice Rack🌱 🌿 ...

Your spice rack isn’t just your go-to to make your food delicious.

Spices and herbs contain many nutrients and compounds that are beneficial to your health.

And these same qualities are why spices and herbs have been used in natural medicines for centuries.

The next time you need a treatment for something, instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet, reach for your spice rack instead.

1. Black Pepper to Control Coughing

Black Pepper to Control Coughing

Black pepper is one of the best home remedies for chronic cough because it works as a decongestant and helps quell coughing when used with honey, which helps clear bacterial infections to soothe your throat.

Just add a teaspoon of black pepper to a cup of tea and steep for 10 minutes.

Add a couple of tablespoons of honey and enjoy this peppery tea twice a day to reduce coughing.

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