9 Reasons to Love Exercise ...


For a lot of us, they very thought of exercise makes us squirm. But there are plenty of reasons to love exercise! Read Ellie's post to know why you should make fitness a part of your life. Thanks Ellie!

For those starting a new exercise regime, the whole process can be quite daunting. The challenges of knowing when, what, where and how of the whole operation can be tricky to navigate, leading to a lot of us giving up even before starting. But before you decide that exercise isn't for you, read on to learn why you should love exercise.

1. State of Mind

You never regret a workout. Seriously. Unless you literally faint, puke, pull or break something, workout bliss is pretty hard to beat. All that oxygen running to your brain really lifts your mood and sets you up for a more positive day. Ask anyone who exercises and they’ll tell you it’s the best natural depressant and stress reliever available. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

It’s Economic
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