7 Reasons to Take a Break when You're Overwhelmed ...


When you have a million things on your plate and you’re losing your wits, it’s hard to think of reasons to take a break. A break almost seems like giving up, or simply a way to procrastinate and prolong stress. Many of us, myself included, think that we are superhuman in the sense that we can get things done now and efficiently. But sometimes, it’s okay to take a break when things start to become too much. Here are my reasons to take a break that will hopefully inspire you to step back and breathe on those tougher days.

1. It’s Easy to Forget Something

The first reason to take a break when you’re overwhelmed is because it’s easy to forget something. It’s hard to focus on a task when your mind is racing thinking of everything else you need to get done. I remember getting ready for a function and was frazzled with what needed to be done before getting there that I left without one of my fingernails painted. I had kept smearing it and so I thought it would be wise to quickly paint it right before I left but clearly, that didn’t pan out.

Not Productive
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