7 Simple Ways to Get Your Body off Sugar and Start Living Healthier ...


Ten years ago, I quit sugar for good and experienced all the multiple ways to get your body off sugar. Some were easy, some were the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never been a party girl, never drank alcohol, never touched a cigarette or used any illegal substances, but sugar- it was my vice. As a child and teen, I dined on breads, sweets, pastries, cookies, ice cream, you name it. If it had sugar in it, it was mine. I kept lollipops and honeybuns in my book bag, a box of cereal in my locker to snack on, and usually had one of those large chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria for lunch. Sadly, sugar was about all I ate. I thought canned peaches soaked in syrup was a health food and often skipped meals in favor of a snack. I didn’t even like vegetables. I developed a seizure condition at age 14 and for years spent my life on medications that didn’t work and that made me depressed. At age 20, I was tired, overweight, had depression, terrible acne and needed an answer, so I turned to research. I discovered that removing all processed sugar and refined starches from a diet could cure and eliminate the type of seizures that I had, from a research study performed by John Hopkins University. After a week, I decided to do it. I got rid of my meds and cut every ounce of sugar and refined starches out of my life. I went on a low carb diet for the first time in my life and was lost at the grocery store at first. However I managed, and not only did it work, but I’ve been sugar-free and seizure-free for ten years now. I’ve also had no medications whatsoever. Though I’m not on a diet now, I still do not eat processed sugars, high sugar foods or refined carbohydrates of any kind. Gluten hasn’t seen its way into my life in ages either. If you’re looking to get yourself off sugar for whatever reason, please know that I’m not a doctor and can’t give you medical advice, but I have learned many ways to get your body off sugar that you might find helpful. If you’re addicted to the sweet stuff, which can cause diabetes, food addictions, weight gain, ADHD symptoms, hypoglycemia, acne and more, then try some of these tips. Also check out the resources in the sources section of this article for further help and information.

1. Go Cold Turkey

Don’t try to wean yourself off sugar, because this is one of the worst ways to get your body off sugar. Sugar is a drug, plain and simple. Yes, your body needs glucose to function, but it needs glucose from whole plant foods like fruits and vegetables, not sugar or anything processed at all. Don’t rely on fruit drinks or fruit juices either. In fact, lower the amount of fruit you eat at first to only berries or no fruit at all if you can for the first two weeks to rid your body of the need for sweets. You can always add in lower sugar fruits like berries and citrus fruits later.

Add Protein
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