11 Surprising Reasons Why You Wake up Tired ...


Have you ever felt like you've slept the past 8 hours, and instead of waking up feeling refreshed, you wake up wondering about the reasons why you wake up tired?

Who would've thought after getting a full night's rest, there would still be reasons why you wake up tired?

Here they are!


Sometimes you stay up at night and think about the things you need to do in the morning, and this definitely is one of the reasons why you wake up tired.

Studies show that thinking of things that don't cause relaxation actually stress you out even more, causing anxiety, which leads to a restless night!


Stresses in life are inevitable, I've come to terms with that, but, taking those stresses to bed will linger in your mind and actually make you restless and anxious.

It makes it hard for the mind and body to relax at night and rest if you're stressing!


You'll sleep better and wake up refreshed.


I know I am guilty of this.

If I find a new game or gaming app that I get addicted to, I try and stay up and play the game to get to the next level.

This definitely drains all your energy and leaving you more tired than before.

Put the game down, and step away!

It's time to get ready for bed!


I LOVE scary movies!

Whether it's not real or if it's true, I will watch it!

Sometimes I find myself turning on the lights, and adding night lights to every crevice of my room.

So, if you know you're scared of watching scary movies, and scary thoughts go into your head, think of happy, positive things and leave a light on.

Oh, and drink some tea to ease the jitters!

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