10 Tips for Staying Germ-Free at Work and School ...


If you want to avoid getting sick this winter, there are lots of great tips to stay germ-free, especially at work and school.

Both places are havens for germs, with peers unknowingly passing bacteria back and forth even if they're not outwardly sick.

You can keep the flu and various winter colds at bay simply by staying germ-free – and it really is that easy.

You'll have to make small changes, but they're easy to incorporate into your daily life.

You just have to know what they are, so I'm here to help you learn how to avoid germs in the workplace and the classroom!

1. Wash Your Hands

Hand washing is definitely one of the best tips to stay germ-free in office and classroom settings.

Everyone is always touching everyone else.2

In addition to washing your hands after using the bathroom and before eating, you should also keep your hands clean after using communal objects, sneezing, or coughing.

But since you can't always get to the bathroom...

Stay Sanitized
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