8 Very Common Diet Mistakes to Be Aware of ...


The biggest diet mistakes are easy to avoid but still incredibly common.

If you are like me dieting has become part of your life.

You are either on a diet, off a diet, or cheating on a diet.

Diet or no diet I always seem to be struggling to get the results I want to see.

Now I know it’s because I have been making some of the biggest dieting mistakes ever.

Take a look at these diet mistakes and see if they are the reason your diet efforts are failing too.

1. No Exercise

Diet all you want, but you won’t get the weight loss results you desire without adding in some exercise.

Exercise helps burn extra calories and build muscles.

Start little and add on until you find a routine that works right for you.

2. Worrying about the Scale

Some women make the diet mistake of believing the scale.

Depending on the number, the scale can be discouraging.

Your weight fluctuates throughout the day.

Drinking water, eating a meal, or going to the bathroom can all change the number on the scale.

As women our weight even changes throughout the month.

If you bloat before your period the scale may show a 2-3 pound weight gain.

Instead focus on the changes in your body and how you feel.

3. Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is probably the biggest diet mistake.

You need breakfast.

By the time we wake up in the morning to start our day, the last time we ate could be as much as 12 hours ago.

We need to refuel our body to get everything working right and to stop us from overdoing it at lunch.

4. Diet Pills

Some diet pills are approved by the FDA and may help you lose weight, but if they aren’t used correctly that weight may not stay off.

Instead of using diet pills as a weight loss crutch to curb appetite and increase energy, skip the pill and focus on diet and exercise.

It's much healthier and the results will last much longer.

Not Eating Enough
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