15 Ways to Ease Your Stress and Anxiety ...


Anxiety and stress can strike at any given moment, so it’s a good idea to have some quick ways to ease your stress. Here are a few of my favorite go-to ways to ease your stress. Most of these anxiety busters can be done anywhere and work almost instantly.

1. Take a Break

In most instances, your work or an important project is the cause of your stress, so taking a break from your task is probably one of the easiest ways to ease your stress. Simply removing yourself from your work, by literally walking away from it, can instantly help. My husband is an artist and one thing I’ve learned from his craft is that sometimes you have to remove yourself in order to see your progress. This is especially true for those long and tedious tasks. So take a break, kick back with a cup of tea and rest your brain for a few minutes. If you’re stressing about wasting time, then set a timer to avoid watching the clock and actually take a break.

Take Deep Breaths
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