7. Be There for Them

An important thing to remember when you are going to help a friend with a drinking problem is that they will need support through the whole thing. Don’t just drop the hot potato in her lap and leave her to deal with it. Be there to talk to whenever she needs it and listen to what she has to say. Make sure you are there for your friend and offer to go to any appointments with them. You should also remember that drinking in front of your friend or putting them in situations when they might want to drink will not be helpful. Arrange fun activities which involve being sober. And, don’t forget to respect her privacy and boundaries. She might not want your full circle of friends to know, so be a true friend and follow her wishes when it comes to who should be in the know.

You will note I haven’t mentioned anything about what to do if your friend simply won’t admit to the problem. This is when it then becomes a personal decision for you. Only you can decide whether you can continue being a friend or not, depending on how much the alcohol affects your relationship. Making the decision you want to help a friend with a drinking problem is a big decision for you both. If you fail, at least you know you tried. Have you ever been in this situation? Did you help your friend through?

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