7 Ways to Look after Your Mental Health ...


Finding ways to look after your mental health may not be on your agenda.

We devote a lot of thought to our physical health, yet neglect our mental health because it's not as obvious as our body is.

Yet it's really important to care for our mind as well.

Here are some ways to look after your mental health …

1. Don't Try to do It All

One of the best ways to look after your mental health is to be aware that you can't possibly do everything.

It would be impossible to do a full-time job, study, care for elderly parents, and look after the home and the family.

You'd be worn out and stressed before very long.

Try to keep your workload within sensible limits, and avoid too many extra commitments.

2. Balance

Do your best to achieve some sort of balance in your life.

It's not good to be working all the time, or spend your free time slouching in front of the TV or computer.

Balance your responsibilities like work and family with something that you enjoy, whether it's a night out at the cinema or going for a run.

3. Seek Help

If you're finding it difficult to cope, talk to people;

get help from your doctor if necessary.

Sometimes just unloading your worries over a coffee with a friend can make all the difference.

Also get people to help you at work or with personal responsibilities, rather than take too much on by yourself.

4. Accept and Love Yourself

Good mental health depends on being comfortable with who you are.

It can take a long time to learn to love yourself as you are, rather than wishing you were prettier/ smarter/ better at relationships.

A lack of self-esteem won't do you any good, and can actually be harmful.

So start accepting yourself as you are - our flaws are part of what makes us human!

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