8 Ways to Prevent Your Period from Turning Your World Upside down ...


Yes, it’s a fact of life and all that hoo-haa but if you are anything like me then you could do with some tips on how to not let your period bother you so much with every monthly visit.

Considering for the majority of us, this is a life long event up until we hit the big M (menopause) it makes sense to make it as manageable as possible and learn how to not let your period bother you so much, right?

So here goes...

1. Know when Aunt Flo’s in Town

Up until recently with each month I would be surprised as the month before that my period had arrived, as though it was a freak accident each and every time.

It wasn't because I wasn't regular;

I just wasn't organised.

So I’d be caught unawares mid work day or social event by excruciating period pains letting me know it was that time of the month again.

I now started jot down in my diary when my period is due and also the week before so I can mentally be aware and make sure I have the necessary equipment on me… If you know what I mean.

Being prepared ahead of time, by knowing when it will come, is one of the best ways to not let your period bother you so much.

Mentally Prepare
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