7 Ways to Stop Binging Due to Stress ...


Binging is one common problem among women and men today, but there are many ways to stop binging that anyone can do right now, at this minute. I know how imprisoning the binging cycle is. I’ve suffered three times in my life, for about 6 months each time. It’s terribly painful, both mentally and physically, yet the cycle is a vicious addiction that is hard to quit. Most people binge out of stress alone. Though it may be associated with disordered eating or a food addiction, most of the time the very first binge is created from stress. It’s so easy to turn to rich, sugary, fatty, salty, and creamy foods when we’re stressed. These foods are comforting, they don’t judge us, and they immediately calm us because they’re rich in addicting properties. All of these foods stimulate the same neurons in the brain that release chemicals identical to those released when someone does drugs, alcohol, etc. It’s the same addictive cycle, even though food is technically legal. We turn to these foods because they “numb us out,” so to speak. I’ve been there, and maybe you have too, but luckily there are proven ways to stop binging and gain relief. Don’t wait any longer to put these into practice. Freedom from binging tastes so much sweeter than any food you could imagine.

1. Pinpoint the Stress

First, before we touch on food-related ways to stop binging, it’s vital to think about what type of circumstance usually happens, or what thoughts you have, right before you binge. Maybe it’s late at night after the day is done, and you want to relax and not think about things. Or, maybe you binge out of anger, after a fight, or perhaps right when you get home from a stressful day at work, or just from work in general. Finding out what type of situation and circumstance usually instigates the binge will help you become more aware, which is a huge step of progress in helping you stop. I know for me, it usually happened at night, when everyone was in bed. I was going through a really hard time, and I was a little overweight and rarely ate much all day. Then, at night, it was my time to eat without judgment from anyone and usually, there was always some type of anger or resentment within me about my life at the time, or even someone in my family. Sometimes, when you’re upset about something subconsciously, binging can happen without you realizing it. Pinpoint the source of your stress, and awareness will begin to help you cope in a different way as you’ll see below. If you have to, make a list, and keep it somewhere only you will see it. It can help create a visual for why you’re turning to the unhealthy habit to begin with.

Get Rid of It
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