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Delicious Cucumber Lemon Detox Water for a Slimmer You ...

By Leiann

Bored of drinking plain water, yet know it is the healthy thing to do? All you need is a cucumber, a lemon and some mint to make your water consumption yummy and not boring!

Watch this video to see how delicious a pitcher of water can be!

Published on Aug 22, 2015

Both cucumber and lemon aid in weight loss.

Cucumbers aid in:

1 Remedy of Diabetes

2 Remedy of Cholesterol

3 Remedy of Blood Pressure

4 Relief of Arthritis

5 Flushing out of Toxins

6 Helping Digestion

7 Staying Hydrated

8 Relief of Gout

9 Prevention of Cancer

Lemons aid in:

1 Prevention of Toxins

2 Cleaning of Kidneys

3 Radiant Skin

4 Reduction of Pain

All you need is:

1 A Cucumber

2 A Lemon

3 Mint Leaves

4 Water

Mix the pieces of cucumber and lemon in a big pitcher of water. Then, add a handful of mint. Place in fridge overnight. Voila! Super and easy detox water to drink to a healthier you! Tastes good, inexpensive ingredients.

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