10 Great Things under $10 to Get You Healthy ...

Not long have I found 10 great things to get you healthy but they’re all under $10! Getting healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s right; you can get healthy and feel stronger by making small tweaks to your everyday routine and incorporating these inexpensive things to get healthy! So make a small investment in making a big impact on the quality of your life!

1. ProForm Squeeze Water Bottle

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Price: $7.77 at walmart.com
One of the top things to get healthy is to hydrate your body with water. We all know how important water is to a healthy lifestyle, but many of us still aren’t getting enough! Water bottles aren’t just for the gym; the best way to remind yourself to hydrate throughout the day is tote a water bottle along wherever you go. You don’t need a fancy water bottle, just choose something BPA-free or opt for a glass bottle.

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