7 Health Gurus to Listen to if You Want a Healthy Life ...

Being a health and nutrition major, there are many health gurus to listen to that I’ve learned to appreciate as mentors throughout the years. These individuals aren’t just healthy eaters, but also smart in their advice and outlook on health, wellness, life, and on the mind, body and spirit connection. Check out my favorite advisers that have made a positive influence on me, and if you have any favorite health gurus to listen to of your own, feel free to share yours with me!

1. Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D

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Andrew Weil is one of the most popular, classic health gurus to listen to, and I’m sure you’ve all heard of him respectively for this reason. I’m not a huge fan of modern medicine, but I love that many of today’s medical doctors are now turning to holistic health approaches before modern medicine, or to complement modern medicine. Dr. Weil has been a pioneer in the world of healthy living since he implements and advocates natural wellness, holistic healing, a plant-based diet and high-nutrient diet. He also promotes exercises like walking, yoga and tai-chi for mind and body health as well. Dr. Weil is primarily the one responsible for making the Mediterranean diet so popular and I love visiting his website to stay updated on his advice. You can visit Dr. Weil’s website at: drweil.com.

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