13 Healthy Foods That Contribute to Your IBS Symptoms ...

Certain foods that contribute to IBS are making women suffer unnecessary pain daily. In the name of health, we load up on copious amounts of fruits and veggies and be plant-powered. Sound familiar? Trust, me I know, because Iโ€™ve been there, even most recently, and I had to take a few steps back or my stomach was going to finally give up on me. IBS is nothing to play around with, and it affects 15% of Americans who are diagnosed, and approximately up to 30% of Americans that have symptoms but are never officially diagnosed. So, if you havenโ€™t been diagnosed, but you have all the symptoms ranging from gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, pain, and constant stomach irritations, then try eating the best you can to combat IBS. There are many foods that most of us turn to as health foods, yet they send us in pain for hours. Try considering alternatives instead, and start with 13 of the most common healthy foods that could contribute to your IBS. While they arenโ€™t a cause of the actual condition, they are a cause of the symptoms.

1. Broccoli

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Letโ€™s start with one of the most recommended vegetables to add to our diet. It is one of the worst healthy foods that contribute to IBS out there. Broccoli contains a certain kind of sugar that contributes to fermentation in the gut, and causing bloating quickly. The fiber content also causes gas, along with cramping and diarrhea. Even though this is a phenomenal food for your health, it isnโ€™t doing your stomach any favors. Try substituting with spinach instead, which is much less likely to cause a problem, and just as great for you.

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