8 Helpful Hacks for Menstrual Cup Users ...

By Deeceebee

8 Helpful  Hacks for Menstrual Cup  Users ...

Have you jumped on the menstrual cup bandwagon yet? If so, or you are ready to make the change, these menstrual cup hacks will definitely be of use. I don’t think it would be controversial to say that in 2018, the most common forms of sanitary equipment that women use are definitely pads and tampons. For the majority, they meet the basic needs of getting through those cursed five or six days every month, but an ever-increasing percentage of women are finding reasons to switch to menstrual cups. If you yourself are thinking about getting in to menstrual cups, or you already are a convert, then you will know that it isn’t always as easy and smooth sailing as the packaging tells you! Don’t fear, though, here are eight hacks that every menstrual cup user should know!

Table of contents:

  1. tone up your kegel muscles
  2. wash first in cold water
  3. use vinegar to sanitize
  4. boil it
  5. wear a panty liner at night
  6. use a toothbrush
  7. keep it in a breathable pouch
  8. sunlight restores the look

1 Tone up Your Kegel Muscles

You need to work on engaging your kegel muscles to make the process easier. If you have been used to tampon applicators that require no real effort on your part, then it can be tricky to master the internal movement needs to fit a menstrual cup properly. Work on contracting and releasing and you will start to work out how to adjust the cup inside you.

2 Wash First in Cold Water

Before you wash the cup with warm water, give it a blast with the cold tap to ensure that no stains or dark spots lead to permanent discolouration. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but it’s nice to keep it looking fresh!

3 Use Vinegar to Sanitize

Give it a rinse with vinegar as it is a brilliant natural sanitizing agent that is just as powerful as many chemical filled products. It will keep your menstrual cup clean and scent free during your period.

4 Boil It

Commit to boiling your cup in some hot water at least once a month to give it a really good deep cleansing. Any bacteria or discoloration that might have might remained from light warm water washes will be eradicated for good.

5 Wear a Panty Liner at Night

It’s always good to be safe and use a panty liner at night whilst wearing your cup. Your flow tends to get heavier overnight, and there is always the risk of overspill when you have been laying in the same position for an extended period of time.

6 Use a Toothbrush

Those four little holes under the rim of the cup is what helps it to create a suction when inside you, and if these dots become too dirty or turn a funky colour, they might not be as effective. You can make sure that you clean them thoroughly by using a dedicated toothbrush!

7 Keep It in a Breathable Pouch

Make sure that you keep your cup in a storage pouch that is nice and breathable, so that is can some fresh air when not in use. The worst thing you can do is deprive it of oxygen by keeping it in sealed plastic bag.

8 Sunlight Restores the Look

If you are unhappy with the colour that your menstrual cup has gone after a few months of use, then a quick fix is to put it under direct sunlight. The rays will help restore it to its original colour.

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