How to Fight the Flu when the Rest of Your Family Has It ...

Don’t you hate when your kids or significant other brings home the flu? Because you know it’s only a matter of time before you come down with it, right? No more! You can take action to keep yourself from getting sick by following these easy steps. After all, moms never get a break, even if they have the flu. So it’s better just to avoid it in the first place. Here’s how?

1. Disinfect Everything Daily

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Germs tend to hang out on things that the entire family touches. By wiping them down on a daily basis, you can prevent those germs from getting you sick. Wipe down the television remote control, doorknobs, your cell phone and any other surfaces that get touched all the time. It’s a bit of time commitment, but it’s better than being sick, right?

2. Drink Lots of Water

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Staying hydrated keeps your immune system humming along so it’s not a good idea to skimp on the fluids. Carry a water bottle with you and it will be easy to remember to sip throughout the day. Tea, coffee or juice will work just as well if you need a break from the water.

3. Lay off the Junk Food

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When you’re trying not to get sick, eating junk is never a good idea. Your immune system relies on certain nutrients to keep it working as it should. That means you should be eating a variety of healthy foods from each food group to cover yourself. Vitamin C is especially important and can be found in citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis and bell peppers. Yum!

4. Wash Your Hands All Day Long

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When you get the flu germs on your hands, then touch your face, chances are it won’t be long until you’re sick too. Make sure you wash your hands all the time to prevent this from happening. That includes after using the bathroom, blowing your nose, touching something a sick person could have touched and anytime you care for a sick family member.

5. Keep Your Family Entertained without You

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As much as you love spending time with your family, hanging out when they have the flu is a sure fire way to wind up getting sick too. Find your kids something fun to do that will help them rest, but keep you from having to breathe in their germs. Maybe a puzzle book or a movie? Of course, you’re still nearby if they need you, but you aren’t so close that the flu is in your future.

6. Get Some Extra ZZZZZZs

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Rest is the best way to keep your body healthy so it can fight off the flu. Make sure you’re getting enough rest until your family is recovered and you’re sure the germs have disappeared. Adequate sleep lets your body recover from the day and gives it the fuel it needs to ward off flu germs. Even if you’re not sleeping, you can get some extra rest by taking time to read a book or lounge out and listen to that new playlist you just made.

7. Teach Your Family Proper Hygiene

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It’s all well and good to take all of these steps, but you need to teach your family to help keep you well too. Show your kids how to cough or sneeze into their elbow instead of the air or their hand. Help them remember to wash up as often as they can.

How do you prevent the flu when everyone else has it? Anything new here that you haven’t done before?

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