Simple πŸ‘Œ Ways to Be Healthier πŸ’ͺ at Work πŸ—„ ...

Want some simple ways to be healthier at work? When you decide to embark on a fitness journey and begin making plans, the majority of those plans are to do with the activities and other things that you are going to be doing in your free time, like exercise and cooking, etc. One big life area that often gets forgotten in the midst of a full fitness vision board is work. You spend a considerable amount of every day at work, and whether you realise it or not, work is one of the places where you can foster unhealthy and unhelpful behaviours. You might have your gym membership booked and your workout clothes purchased, but if you aren’t making an effort in the office too, then you won’t see full results. Here are some simple ways to be healthier at work.

1. Desk Garden

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Make the effort to have some plants present on your desk because this is one of the coolest simple ways to be healthier at work. Not only will they look pretty and enhance your mood, but they can also make a difference to your health, thanks to their air filtering qualities. Also, did you know that some cacti have actually been proven to be able to reduce computer radiation?

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