3 Top πŸ”Ό Healthcare 😷 ICOs of 2018 πŸ“† ...

I'm here to talk about the top Healthcare ICOs of 2018. As the age of technology evolves, ICOs impact many industries, from business to education to media. An ICO is a sale of a new business’ own cryptocurrency in efforts to fund themselves when launching with blockchain technology. Sometimes there is a PreICO that can make investing all easier and more beneficial. Here are the top Healthcare ICOs of 2018.

1. OPU Labs

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OPU Labs caters to the skin care industry. Its aim is to enhance the global skincare field. This includes how data is exchanged. They aim to benefit everyone, from patients to dermatologists to manufacturers. The platform's technology is powered by five main pillars. These include artificial intelligence which can examine, compare, and even provide treatment options.

2. Smart Containers Group

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Smart Containers Group is a Switzerland-based company. The Group provides transport for sensitive pharma goods and food in safe temperature-controlled containers. The Group’s goal is to β€œsafely transport sensitive goods and ensure no one ever receives a compromised product.” The company develops, builds, and rents out their airfreight containers.

3. Basis Neuro

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Basis Neuro’s forte is creating services and electronics powered by mere human thought. Their lightweight stimulating headset is a prototype. It has homologous traits similar to the neural control interface. Their site has a section for its own blog, in addition to a section for videos showcasing their technology.

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