7 Ways to Be Safer Anywhere You Go ...

It is always good to be aware of ways to be safer wherever you are or wherever you go. There is a lot of danger in the world and having street smarts is important. These are some important ways to be safer anywhere you go that you can learn and begin to use in your life. All it takes is a bit of effort and forming of new habits.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

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One of the ways to be safer anywhere you go is to be aware of your surroundings. Many crimes happen because people simply are not paying attention. This alone will not protect you but it can help. If you are aware of what is going on, you have more of an edge on noticing when something is off or danger may be lurking. Get in the habit of noting your surroundings and anyone that looks or acts suspicious in them.

2. Travel with a Buddy

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This is a tip that people of all ages can use. Simply travel with a buddy. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager walking out of the mall at night or a soccer mom leaving your exercise class. You are less likely to be attacked if you are with someone. The buddy system is a smart one.

3. Be on Your Phone in Dark Areas

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This alone will not protect you but it can help. When I have to be in a dark area at night, I call my husband if he is not with me. When you have someone on the other end of the phone you are less likely to be bothered because there is a witness, even if it is only by telephone. You also have someone that can call for help if something does happen to you. It also makes you feel a little more secure.

4. Take a Self-Defense Class

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If you have the opportunity, take a self-defense class. It is always good to know how to protect ourselves. I have never done this but would really like to do so. I think it not only makes you stronger in the face of dealing with an attack but it gives you the confidence you need to handle it better. It shrinks your fear and increases your power because you have confidence and do not feel helpless.

5. Carry Pepper Spray

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You hope that you never, ever have to defend yourself. But it is wise to be prepared to do so. Pepper spray is a weapon you can carry that is relatively easy to use. It does not damage a person permanently. It does stop them so that you can get away, though.

6. Keep Your Doors Locked

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It is always wise to keep your doors locked. This goes for both at home and in your car. Make it a habit to lock your doors as soon as you get in your car and to do the same as soon as you get in your home. A lot of women have a habit of sitting in their car taking care of small details like fixing their lip gloss or checking their phone before they drive off. This is not a wise decision. As soon as you get in your car, lock the doors, put your seatbelt on and drive away.

7. Park in Well-lit Areas

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Always try to park in well-lit areas. This alone does not give you safety but it does place you in a safer area. Attackers are going to be more likely to try to do their dirty work in the dark. Always try to park wherever it is well-lit. This tip combined with the others can help you to stay safe.

These 7 tips can help you to be safer wherever you go. What are some street smart tips that you follow? Would you share them so we can learn from you?

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