10 Ways to Stabilize πŸŒ€ Blood Sugar πŸ’‰ to Stay Healthy πŸ€’ ...

Even if you don’t have diabetes, your blood sugar is something to consider. Blood sugar is your body’s fuel, but too much or too little can interfere with good health. Stabilizing your blood sugar can have many positive effects on your health, including insulin regulation and healthy energy levels. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to get your blood sugar stabilized so you feel better and maximize your overall health. Try these ideas from the health experts at Shape magazine.

1. Workout after You Eat Your Lunch

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If you tend to head back to your desk or just sit there in a food coma when lunch is over, it’s time to get moving. Studies show that getting up and moving after your meal will help keep the sugar from building up in your body by using the glucose as fuel. Experts suggest taking a walk about 30 minutes after you finish your noon meal.

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