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8 Sure Shot Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer ...

By Heather

With things warming up outside this time of year, the increasing amount of heat outside can send you into a spiral of chronic dehydration, so be sure to implement some ways to stay hydrated this summer while you’re out sporting that new bikini or exercising outdoors. I personally love a great outdoor workout in the summer’s warm rays, but unless I keep a few tricks up my sleeve, I can become dehydrated in no time. If you feel your lips getting dry, become quickly fatigued, or just generally feel overheated, you are showing serious signs of dehydration. You don’t have to drown yourself with water to stay hydrated either, though that's always a great idea. Just use these smart ways to stay hydrated and you’ll never miss a beat in summer’s heat.

1 Eat Water-rich Foods

Citrus, Food, Fruit, Grapefruit, Plant,One of my favorite ways to stay hydrated is to simply eat water-rich foods. Some of my favorite sources include cucumbers, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, and romaine lettuce. Apples, squash and oranges are also great sources.

2 Use Chia Seeds

Food, Key lime, Lime, Product, Lemon,Chia seeds are such an awesome way to stay hydrated, especially if you’re active. Add 2 tbsp. to 8 ounces of water and let the mixture sit in the fridge for an hour or overnight. After soaking they become gelatinous and look like tapioca, yet are tasteless, creating a thick gel that many athletes consume before working out or a competition. Chia seeds grow up to ten times their size when soaked in water, which helps them keep water inside your body, along with providing you Omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium, fiber and iron to keep you energized. Chia seeds are commonly marketed to athletes or active people for their hydrating and sustaining properties, but are great for anyone. You can also add them to smoothies or your food if you like. The mixture may look a little odd, but when you experience the goodness of chia you won’t mind a bit!


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3 Caffeine-free Teas

Chinese herb tea, Cup, Coffee cup, Serveware, Table,I love caffeine-free herbal teas as a great way to stay hydrated without having to drink plain water. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, which flushes water out of your system, and which you definitely don’t want if you’re trying to prevent dehydration. To combat this, drink minimal coffee each day unless it is decaf, and use caffeine-free teas like decaf green tea and herbal teas such as peppermint, rooibos, chamomile, or any other caffeine-free blend you like. These teas come in tons of combinations and tasty, calorie-free options, so brew some at night, or chill some in the fridge to keep on hand all the time when you are tired of plain water.

4 Fruit-infused Water

Product, Drink, Vegetable juice, Preserved food, Juice,A great trick for staying hydrated in the summer without adding calories is to infuse your water with frozen fruit instead of ice cubes. Place a cup of frozen strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, pineapple, or kiwis in your water to add flavor without adding sugar. The frozen fruit will hold up better than ice or fresh fruits and not only make your drinks tasty, but also make them pretty so you’ll be more apt to drink them. If you don't have frozen fruit on hand, you can also use fresh lemons or limes instead, which hold up nicely, and is a personal favorite combination of mine. Keep this in a large pitcher in your fridge and reach for it whenever you need some refreshment or just want to drink something pretty!

5 Bring a Water Bottle

Skin, Pink, Product, Dress, Nail,I never leave for an outside run or inside workout without a water bottle. Water should be replenished at least every 20 minutes when you’re working out and especially if you’re sweating. It is also a great idea to bring some with you to the pool, the beach, or if you’re outdoors gardening! Add a squeeze of lemon if you hate plain water, which will kick it up a notch without adding calories. Get a cute water bottle you love, so you don't forget to use it on your way out the door!

6 Get Rid of Energy Drinks

Product, Drink, Shuttlecock, Energy drink, Sports drink,Energy drinks are a terrible source of caffeine, chemicals, and dehydrating ingredients. Avoid them at all costs so you don’t become dehydrated and be sure to drink caffeine-free beverages in their place. If you eat a healthy diet, drink a little green tea, take a multivitamin, and get plenty of rest, you should have all you need for high energy levels each day.

7 Smoothies

Food, Cream, Sweetness, Cuisine, Food coloring,Perhaps my favorite way possible to stay hydrated is to drink tons of smoothies in the summer and year round, for that matter. I’m almost never thirsty when I include a couple of these each day. Making smoothies with greens and fruit or greens and water is a great way to up your nutrition and stay hydrated. All you need is a blender, some great ingredients and a creative imagination!

8 Veggie Juices

Food, Cucumber, Vegetable juice, Vegetable, Drink,Veggie juices are also a great way to stay hydrated, if you have a juicer and can afford to juice, plus the benefits of juicing go well beyond staying hydrated. Ingredients like cucumbers, apples, lemons, limes, romaine lettuce and celery will lend more water than others, but a variety of ingredients is a great idea. Add in some ginger and lemon if you need a little zing, or try adding carrots, apples and pears if you want to add a sweeter taste. Try different combinations until you find one you like!

Staying hydrated prevents wrinkles, keeps energy levels up, aids in digestion and prevents your body from dangerously overheating. By implementing these easy and tasty tips, you’ll be well on your way to staying hydrated this summer. Do you have a tip to stay hydrated in the heat?

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